Meet Yasmine

Yasmine Fleming is the owner of Luxe & Ash Candle Co./Candle Pour Bar located in Lexington, Kentucky. When she started making candles in the summer of 2021, she had no idea her COVID hobby would soon become her full time dream. This dream has grown from making candles in her basement and attending craft markets every weekend to operating a mall storefront where she guides customers through the process of blending scents and creating custom home fragrance products (candles, room sprays and more).  On any given day she wears many hats including Chief Maker, Assistant Greeter and Scent Risk Taker.

Yasmine is currently a resident of Shelbyville, KY and mom to a creative, talented and beautiful daughter named Khloe. Prior to founding Luxe & Ash Candle Co., Yasmine served 10 years in public education and 5 years in telecommunications. When she’s not working on Luxe and Ash Candle Co./Candle Pour Bar she enjoys spending time with family and sleeping.